Pinstriped Parasites

“Pinstriped Parasites. Toxic people in the workplace” er en engelsk oversættelse fra 2016 af “Parasitter i habitter”. Den kan købes som e-bog på Amazon.

Og nu er den også kommet som paperback på Amazon.

Om bogens indhold:

“Some individuals can be so toxic and destructive to an organisation that they can tear down the whole organisation, create havoc and financial bankruptcy, cause great mental (and sometimes physical) harm to those they come into contact with, and in general act as organisational destroyers. It is the subject of this book to understand how and why such toxic people are let loose in the workplace. Why is it that some people, time after time, are able to present themselves as the answer to spoken as well as unspoken prayers, whether regarding job interviews, dates or just everyday interaction with other people, when in reality they turn out to be quite the opposite? Why are they able to do this not just once, but again and again? What can we possibly do to protect ourselves against toxic people in private as well as in professional contexts?

In addition to several other topics related to the damage that toxic people are able to instigate in the workplace and the dark side of management, this book includes information on how to identify a psychopath and advice on how to handle the situation once you have let a corporate psychopath into the organisation, including 10 real life cases.”

På kan man læse følgende læseranmeldelser:

Pinstriped Parasite is a must read!
Excellent book for anyone working in a place that is being disrupted by a pyschopath. Whether you are working for a toxic person or they work for you, “Pinstriped Parasites” will help you understand his or her behaviour and deal with it. This is a a truly valuable book that is well-written, insightful and full of practical advice.”

Excellent book on a common workplace phenomenon

This was an enjoyable read which covered multiple areas of toxic people in the workplace and cited a lot of examples and studies to support it’s claims.”

Og på kan man læse denne:

Sound advice

I found this book well written; it’s very clear with sound advice. Human resource persons should have it available to staff in need. I certainly could have used it 25 years ago when I had a schizophrenic boss who was later fired.”